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LAW Nº05/2012 of 17/02/2012



Article 26: Temporary suspension of an international non-governmental organisation, its representative or its employee

If, one month after the warning, the international non-governmental organisation continues to commit the faults that were the basis of the warning letter and does not explain to the competent authority the reasons for that non compliance, that authority shall suspend that international non-governmental organisation for a period not exceeding three (3) months.

The competent authority shall notify such a decision of suspension to the international non-governmental organisation, its partners, its beneficiaries and concerned state institutions.

Where a representative of an international non-governmental organisation or its employee, either national or expatriate, contravenes the legal provisions, he/she shall be prosecuted according to the laws pertaining thereto.

Article 27: Final suspension of an international non-governmental organisation

During the temporary suspension period, an international non-governmental organisation shall provide to the competent authority measures taken in order to carry on its activities.

Where an international non-governmental organisation, after temporary suspension period, fails to comply with the instructions, the competent authority may decide to suspend its activities definitely.

The competent authority may also terminate activities of an international non- governmental organisation where the organisation jeopardizes security, public order, health, morals and human rights. Where an international non-governmental organisation is not satisfied with the decision of terminating its activities, it may file the case to the competent court.

Article 28: Closing down by the international non-governmental organisation

Any international non-governmental organisation may close down its activities due to the following grounds: 

  1. case of force majeure; 
  2. deliberate decision of the international non-governmental organisation; 
  3. end of the mandate of the international non-government organisation.

Except in case of force majeure as provided for by law, an international non-governmental organisation which intends to close down its activities in Rwanda shall be required, in a period of three (3) months before closing, to inform the authority in charge of registration of international non-governmental organisations and monitoring of their functioning, and reserve a copy to the line Ministry.

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