INGO Registration

What is INGO Registration?
It is the process of registering an INGO in Rwanda in order to obtain registration certificate and start its operations in Rwanda. This process involves official visits or discussions to Line Ministries, Districts and DGIE central office on the activities to implement once accepted to work in Rwanda.
What are the requirements for registering INGO in Rwanda?
Requirements for registering INGO are documents that INGO must obtain as show on DGIE website in order for an INGO to be accepted to operate in Rwanda. For more information go to INGO Registration page.
What does happen if an INGO operates in Rwanda without registration?
According to the law N° 05/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and functioning of international nongovernmental organizations, an INGO operating in Rwanda without registration certificate, its activities will be ceased and its representatives be punished for breaking the law.


When do INGOs provide their report?
INGO provides its action plan for the fiscal year (from July –June of that year), then it provides reports on quarterly and annual basis.
Where do INGOs give their reports?
INGO provides reports to its Line Ministry(ies), district(s) of operation and DGIE central office.
Why do INGOs provide reports?
INGOs provide reports for transparency, accountability and future orientations were some weaknesses have been in implementing pledged activities in order to avoid same mistakes in future.


How do expatriates employed in an INGO that operates in Rwanda?
For an expatriate to operate in an INGO that is registered in Rwanda, the country director must hold a degree in an academic field as minimum qualification. Other expatriates that do want to work in the INGO must follow ODL (Occupation in demand list) or LMT (Labor Market Test). For more information go to Publications and Media Center pages of DGIE website: www.migration.gov.rw.