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null 29/05/2012 

On 29th may 2012, at 09:15 am the DGIE had a validation meeting of the ministerial order with INGO community. The Director of visitors and residents opened the meeting by warmly welcoming the participants. He commended the contribution of INGOs in national development; underlined the necessity of the meeting as to set a common understanding on legal framework aiming to enhance good working environment among DGIE, line ministries and INGOs as partners in national Development. The chair thanked the participants for their high turn up and   wished   fruitful meeting.

The participants were informed that the objective of ministerial order is to implement the INGO law N°04/2012 of 17/02/2012 governing the organization and functioning of international nongovernmental organizations. During the meeting, some corrections and resourceful inputs were gathered from the participants that will be considered in the revised ministerial order. Having thanked the participant for their constructive ideas, the chairman declared meeting closed at around 12:30 AM.